Who I Am

I have been meditating and practicing breathing techniques for over 10 years, and my journey of self-discovery led me to find a passion for supporting others along their transformation journey.

I’ve enjoyed traveling across Europe, the U.S., Canada, and India, meeting wonderful individuals and conducting transnational in person and online workshops, training over 2,500 participants across 10 countries.

I’m amazed at how practicing these powerful techniques have transformed my own health, wellbeing and growth. This was a pivotal shift in my life, as the combination of these techniques and Ayurvedic medicine helped to heal me from serious chronic autoimmune condition, previously diagnosed as incurable.

Having discovered my own hidden power to heal, reaffirmed my belief that true healing starts from within, and with our own mind. This personal experience strengthened me further to choose this path of inner transformation, and I’m passionate about sharing my experience and these life-changing techniques with you, allowing you to tap into your hidden powers to live your best lives.

Along my journey I have also discovered the power of the voice, and the significance of using my voice to inspire others into their own power and inspiration. Through various speaker trainings I have learnt to use this power in all aspects of my life, and feel passionate about sharing its secrets with you.

In my experience it takes courage to live a life of purpose and to reach for the highest, and I hope that my own experience of the hurdles leading to growth and empowerment can be used to give you the support needed to move your life towards true freedom and happiness.

Participants trained

10 countries
all over the Globe