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Manage your Mind to Live with Abundance and Joy Online

Free Masterclass - An introduction to The Meditation & Breath Workshop

Discover meditative breathing techniques that will deeply cleanse your mind from stress, boost your energy, and transform your life forever!

This webinar can be the step you need to move towards the life that you want. The secret is already within you. You just need to learn the right key to unlock that power. Once you have the right techniques, this potential is set free, and you gain the power to transform your life!

Free Masterclass
Schedule 45 minutes
No Experience Required

In a few easy steps, you’ll learn how to clear anxiety and blocks affecting your performance. You’ll find that you can easily heal your body and calm your mind, and discover the confidence to stretch and drop limiting beliefs. As a result, you’ll experience a deeper sense of happiness and attract more love and abundance.


  • A 2-minute Power Breathing technique to boost your energy and sustain it throughout the day.
  • Quick and effective tools to REDUCE Stress and anxiety, with no drugs or side effects.
  • Step by step home instructions to use these techniques anytime you need on your own
  • A real experience of meditation that can QUIET the mind and remove negative thoughts.
  • Ways to get over past events, and to move ahead with joy and confidence.
  • Tips to make your own mind your BEST friend, even if it's currently your WORST CRITIC.
  • Create your own internal source of STABILITY, CREATIVITY and PEACE.
  • How to untap your hidden power and become the best version of yourself.
  • A taste and insight about Sudarshan Kriya™, a most powerful and life-changing breathing technique that takes you deep into EFFORTLESS MEDITATION.

What people say about Masterclass

Barbara L.

Alex M.

Darren G.

Arpit W.

Barbara L.

Creative Director, San Diego - Argentina

I started this Masterclass session with such a busy mind, and heaviness and tiredness in my body. So I was very surprised to finish it feeling so much lighter and with a strong sense of relief. I feel like I have my smile back, and feel like myself again.

Alex M.

Graphics Designer, USA

It’s amazing what just one session with her can do for your state of mind. I went to a 1 hour Masterclass with her at a time when I was overloaded with challenges, and just in the first few minutes, I found more result in calming my mind, than I had done weeks before trying different ways! What I experienced in that short session really changed my life, and I still use the techniques till this day.

Darren G.

Craftsman, Australia

Learning to manage my own mind and body through breathing practices has truly been the greatest gift. It helped me heal past wounds, and I became more confident to start moving towards a better me.

Arpit W.

Sales Manager in Biotech Company, India

Even though I had meditated before, this Masterclass made the experience very different for me and I could go much deeper. I realized a lot about how my mind works and how the meditation and breathing help me to manage my mind better in daily life. It’s a practice I can use anytime, and for me that has been very practical and empowering.

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