The Power Of Collaboration

We are more powerful in our impact when we join hands together.

A vision to create difference
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Isabelle de Burgh

Nutrition Coach and Digital Media Strategist, IsaTales

"Ghazal is a walking ray of light. She is so calm, yet fun and full of energy. She is a pleasure to collaborate and work with."

Let’s merge the synergies that could magnify the positive change we want to create!

Ghazal believes in the power of people coming together with similar intentions of making positive change in the world, and by sharing their own experiences for others to benefit from.

Her mission is to use her platforms to bring more awareness to holistic health & life and purposeful work. In her experience combining different tools and wisdom by collaborating with people and brands with the same vision has the best impact.

Connect and Collaborate!

Lisa Akesson Stryker

Ayurvedic Chef and Consultant, AreYouVedic

"Collaborating with Ghazal was a joy from the beginning to the end. She was well organized, communicated her ideas clearly and gave me a lot of freedom to make my ideas a reality with great feedback. I look forward to creating more together in the future!"

How to make it happen?

If you are an individual or a brand, and believe your values and goals match with that of Ghazal, feel free to fill in the form below to create content that impacts the lives of thousands of poeple positively and spread your message to the world.

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We are more powerful when we join together