Living a Life of Purpose, courage and freedom

Just after graduating as a naturopathic doctor in 2009, Ghazal soon found herself on the journey of self-discovery through her involvement with the Art of Living as a volunteer, teacher and trainer. After healing from a serious chronic autoimmune condition that was previously diagnosed as incurable, she has now dedicated her life to inspire others.

Ghazal's Story

Having discovered her own hidden power to heal, reaffirmed her belief that true healing starts from within and with our own mind.

Her personal experiences over the years strengthened her belief further to choose this path of inner transformation. She firmly believes in the crazy idea of “Changing the World - One Smile at a Time.”

As a teacher and program facilitator, Ghazal developed an intense interest in presentation skills, realizing that the success of her work on the participants is hinged on the engagement she was able curate with her attendees.

Marketing Driven by
Purpose and Passion

Having spent the past 10 years working with The Art of Living, where today she serves as a marketing strategist, personal branding expert, and event manager. Nowadays her focus is with Sumeru Marketing, where she supports high-impact initiatives for The Art of Living, its sister organizations, and other conscious organizations, with effective, purposeful & passion-driven marketing.

Supporting Silent
Heroes and World Changers

She works with a global team of Positive World Changers & Advanced Meditators, who are also talented neuromarketing experts, strategists & storytellers, specializing in developing personal brands and event marketing strategies for both in-person and online events and courses.

Changing the world,
One Smile at a Time

She has enjoyed travelling more than 30+ countries over the years across Europe, North America and Asia, meeting diverse individuals and conducting transformational in person and online workshops, training over 3500+ participants.


Participants Trained


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