Challenge - 7 Day Health and Happiness Challenge

7 days dotted with 4 easy tools and tips to take you towards better health and happiness levels.

Yes! It is possible!

We have people from more than 22 countries who have joined us in the recent challenges to make positive changes in their daily routine through this 7-day Challenge.

Get to know your instructors

Ghazal Zandieh

Graduating as a naturopathic doctor in 2009, Ghazal set on her journey of self-discovery through her involvement with the Art of Living Foundation as a volunteer, teacher and trainer. As a part of which she has travelled more than 30+ countries across the globe and trained more than 3000+ individuals. She currently works with Sumeru Marketing as a Marketing and Brand Strategist along with specializing in event marketing.

Isabelle de Burgh

Isabelle is a plant food connoisseur, animal lover, functional nutrition coach and digital media strategist at IsaTales. She now specializes in creating plant-based alternatives to your favorite recipes, teaching young teens the significance of nutrition for mental health, helping eco-friendly & non-toxic brands gain awareness through social media strategy and promotion.

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Four interesting tasks for every day that can bring about a great shift.