The Art of Living
Happiness Program

A 3-Day Journey into the Self

Learn the #1 Scientifically Proven Breath Meditation Practice that will:

Clear Stress from Every Cell of Your Body
Unlock your Freedom & Joy Within
Transform Your Life


The Happiness Program is an immersive 3-day
journey into powerful breathing and mind mastery techniques.

At the core of The Program is the Sudarshan Kriya ™, an ancient daily practice that will purify you, awaken you, and empower you to reach your fullest potential.

"Su means proper, Darshan means vision and Kriya is a purifying action. So, through the action of our breath we gain a proper vision of who we really are... In the Sudarshan Kriya we experience the rhythm of our being.
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of The Art of Living"

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June 24 - 26, Hamburg

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Free Introductory Session to the Happiness Program

“Secret to Meditation” 1hr Workshop

It’s time to go inwards and tap into a peaceful state of mind that will stay with you no matter what’s happening around you.

You’ll experience a taste of effortless meditation & get an introduction to Sudarshan KriyaTM , the most powerful breathing technique.

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May 24 - 26, Hamburg

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